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Get the best quadruple world experience of Sacred City of KandyGalle FortYala National Park and Peradeniya of Sri Lanka when you purchase Sri Lanka City & Nature Trails Bundle Self-Guided Walking Tours!

What will you expect:

(1) Sacred City of Kandy

Hotspots You’ll Visit 

1. Maha Maluwa (Entrance to Sri Dalada Maligawa)

– Explore the entrance to the Sacred Tooth Relic Shrine, the Sri DaladaMaligawa!

2. Sri Dalada Maligawa

– Check out The Palace of the Sacred Tooth Relic, undoubtedly the greatest attraction in the hill capital!

3. Pattirippuwa

– Check out Pattirippuwa is situated at the southern end of the Tooth Relic Palace and was a late addition to the complex.

4. Dalada Maligawa Museum

– Explore DaladaMaligawa Museum, situated behind the Tooth Relic Palace in a 3-storey building.

5. Royal Palace Complex

– At the Northern end of the Tooth Relic Palace premises is the Royal Palace of the Last King Sri Wikrama Rajasinghe

6. Magul Maduwa

– Audience Hall or the Council Chamber in the Palace complex, eastward to the Royal Palace and Tooth Relic Shrine.

7. Museum of the Tusker elephant RAJA

– The museum of the taxidermized trunk of the tusker elephant ‘Raja’ which carried the Tooth Relic casket on his back annual in Sri Dalada Esala Perahera.

8. Palle Wahala

– This spacious residential building is situated on the small higher ground behind the Tooth Relic Palace complex.

9. Ulpen Ge

– This building was used by Queens and Princesses as their bathing pavilion.

10. Kandy Lake – Nuwara Wewa

– Situated to the south of the Sacred Tooth Relic Palace, this lake beautifies the entire city of Kandy.

11. Natha Dewala

– The history of God Natha was not clear and the name ‘Natha meaning is ‘No shape’ or ‘No Form’ and Unknown Maitreya or Budda to come.

12. Vishnu Devale

– God Vishnu is famous for preserver and the protector of the Universe.

13. Pattini Devala

– God Pattini is considered as guardian of Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan

14. Kataragama Devala

– Kataragama Temple is Situated away from Dalada Complex Commercial city lies in Kotugodalla Road.

(2) Galle Fort

Hotspots You’ll Visit 

1. The Rampart of Galle Fort

– The Rampart stretched over 3km in length encircling 90 acres of land with 14 bastions which was completed in

2.The Galle Clock Tower

– The Galle Clock Tower or Anthonisz Memorial Clock Tower was built 1883 in the memory of Dr. P. D. Anthonisz which is a popular land mark located within Galle Fort.

3. The Star Bastion

– The Star Bastion was completed in 1620 including other two bastions by the Portuguese and named after Sao Anthonio or St. Anthony’s which was built on northern most corner of the Galle Fort.

4. The Aeolus Bastion

– Aeolus means the sea breeze who was the Greek god of winds. Hence, the bastion was believed to be named as Aeolus because the Dutch Naval Commander’s official residence was located here and due to the importance of wind for ships.

5. Clippenberg Bastion

– Clippen means jutting into the sea and burg means village, which has obviously been named due to its setting, the bastion was located on a bend in the ramparts after passing Aeolus bastion to the Neptune bastion.

6. The Neptune Bastion

– The Bastion was name after Roman God of sea which was built during one of the cruelest governors in Galle Fort

7. Sri Sudharmalaya Buddhist Temple

– The temple believed to be built upon a ground of an old roman catholic church built by Portuguese which was later destroyed by the Dutch.

8.Triton Bastion

– The Bastion was name after Greek God of sea which was also built during 1726 to 1729.

9. Flag Rock Bastion

– Flag rock bastion has been used to signal approaching ships to the harbour and also alarm the enemy ships.

10.The Meeran Mosque

– Meeran Masjid is a well-known known mosque in the Galle fort, which also has embedded European architecture
to the building.

11.Galle Lighthouse

– Galle Lighthouse which is also known as Pointe de Galle Light is an onshore Lighthouse situated inside Galle Fort, which was constructed in 1938 out of cast iron and is operated and maintained by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

12. Dutch Hospital & Ambalama

– It was a military hospital at the time of Dutch where they used the facility to research small fox virus at
the time it was an epidemic in the city.

13.National Maritime Museum and Dutch Warehouse

– The Galle Fort has two maritime museums, the major museum is national maritime archeological museum and another is the Galle Maritime Museum, both located in the same old Dutch warehouse.

14.The All Saint’s Church

– The construction of an Anglican church at Galle, was initiated by the first Bishop of Colombo, Rt. Rev. James Chapman.

15.Governor’s Bungalow

– The Galle was an administrative sub division called commandment and chief was commander whose residence, council chambers and secretariat was built right opposite to the belfry and the end of the warehouse.

16. Dutch Pay Office and Library

– The building has housed the accounts and management of the warehouse operations and payments of 156 year Dutch rule in Galle. There were two buildings and part of the pay office was later converted to the Galle public library.

17. Dutch Reformed Church

– It is one of the oldest Protestant churches still in use within the country.

18. The Galle National Museum

– The museum has a collection of archaeological and anthropological objects inherited in Southern region of Sri

19. Galle Black Fort

– The black fort is called Zwart bastion which was the oldest of 14 bastions of the fort and it is one of the strongest guard points in Portuguese and Dutch ruling.

20. The Sun Bastion

– Check out The Sun Bastion has been recorded since 1620, which was very strongly built by the Portuguese, where they have completed 3 main bastions on the land side for protection by the year and it was named by them as Sao Iago or St.

(3) Yala National Park

Hotspots You’ll Visit 

1. Main Ticket Office & Museum

-Ticket Office situated 500m from the Park Entrance

(Recommended casual summer clothing, sneakers or slippers, with camera or good mobile to photograph the fauna and flora)

2. Centre Road

– Main road going across the length of the Park which connects all the sub routes.

3. Patanangala Rest Area & Tsunami Memorial

– One of the few visitor rest areas, where you are permitted to get down from the vehicle.

4. Menik Ganga(river) Rest Area

– A popular rest area along the Menik Ganga (river) – (Pahala Hentota Campsite area).

5. Akasa Chaithya & Sithulpawwa

– Akasa Chaithya & Sithulpawwa are 2 archaeological sites within Yala National Park.

(4) Peradeniya

1. Peradeniya Gardens Entrance – Ticket office

2.Sri Lanka Pond & Gardner’s Monument

3.Herbal Gardens – (Grass Land)

4.Great Lawn

5.Royal Palm Avenue

6.Suspension Bridge

7.Orchid House and Cactus House

What's Included

Sacred City of Kandy
This sacred Buddhist site, popularly known as the city of Senkadagalapura, was the last capital of the Sinhala kings whose...
Galle Fort
Galle Fort is in the Bay of Galle on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. It was initially built by...
Royal Botanic Gardens - Peradeniya
Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya are about 5.5 km to the west of the city of Kandy in the Central Province...