Flight Experience – Scenic Flight – 30 Mins

$165.00 $175.00
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Take the controls of a commercial jet airliner!

Experience an exciting taste of what it feels like to be an airline pilot and land over 60 tonnes of aircraft on the tarmac!

There will be an instructor that will brief you on the basic controls and help you through two take-offs and two landings at an airport of your choice!

You can select from thousands of airports around the world! Whatever your choice, you can take the time to admire some familiar landmarks but only if you can tear your eyes away from the cockpit screens and instruments!


  • No cancellation is allowed


  • Singapore Flyer, 30 Raffles Avenue, #02-06 Singapore 039803


  • Do I need any flying experience?
    Absolutely not, these packages can be tailored to suit the level of knowledge and experience you have.
  • Will I get to fly the simulator?
    Yes. These packages are designed to give you as many hands-on flying as you can handle.
  • Do I have to complete the first flight package before I can do the others?
    No, you can do any flight package without any prior experience.
  • How technical are the briefing and flight, will I understand it all?
    Yes you will. Our instructors will tailor the briefing and flight to suit your level of skill. We can cater for the completely inexperienced right through to professional pilots.
  • Is this done as a group or one on one?
    Each flight is conducted one on one with you and your instructor.
  • Can I bring a friend along?
    Yes you can. There is seating for two extra people to join you during your flight. There is no extra charge for this.
  • What is the minimum age?
    There is no minimum age, but from our experience, we have found children younger than 4 years old may need simpler instructions. We always adapt sessions to be age relevant and leave it up to parents and guardians to decide. There is no maximum age. For further advice and information, contact us at singapore@flightexperience.com.sg
  • Is the simulator fully enclosed?
    Yes it is. If you or the person you’re buying this voucher for has an issue with being in a confined space, please call your local store and visit the simulator prior to purchasing a voucher.
  • Does it have a certification for training?
    Yes it does; our simulators have been certified by a number of Civil Aviation Authorities around the world. Our simulators have been approved for various levels of training in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand.
  • Does the simulator have motion?
    Our simulator is a fixed base device. However, the immersion experience combined with the fidelity of visuals, sound, and vibration give you an amazing sensory experience.
  • If I change my mind can I get a refund?
    Refund requests made within 14 days of purchase will incur an admin cost of 10% of the purchase price. Refunds are only available to the purchaser for valid vouchers. After the elapse of 14 days from the purchase date, no refunds will be granted for ‘Change of Mind’.
  • Is the information I supply secure?
    Yes, our Buy Now process is protected behind a 128 bit secure SSL, secure connection.