Anuradhapura – The Eternal City in Sri Lanka

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Anuradhapura, named after one of Prince Vijaya’s commanders, was the first Capital of ‘Raja Rata’ or the Kingdom of King’s, in Sri Lanka was established in the 3rd Century BC. It remained the country’s capital for the next nine centuries. Located in the North Central Province, 206 km north of Colombo. Anuradhapura carries the reputation of being the root of the present Sinhalese civilization, which has a growth of over 23 centuries. Both archaeologists and historians are of the view considerable influence was exerted by Buddhism in making the city the cradle of the national heritage. The irrigation works of the country is one of the oldest and still functioning irrigation system in the world, which are the marvels of engineering created during Anuradhapura period and they provides water to the farmers of the Raja Rata even today..

  • Sri Maha Bodhi
  • Ruwanweliseya Stupa
  • The Brazen Palace - Lohaprasadaya
  • Thuparamaya Stupa
  • Jetavanaramaya Stupa
  • Mirisawetiya Stupa
  • Abhayagiri Vihara
  • Lankarama Stupa
  • Isurumuniya Temple